Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Dance Consortium presents Sutra 7th May - 9th May

I have never before gone into a show less sure of what to expect. The only things I knew about this show was that it was a contemporary dance show and that it was being performed by monks… I know! It could have been anything.

Although this is not something I normally would have gone to I’m glad I did because it was absolutely thrilling!
How to describe Sutra?

Well according to the assistant choreographer and performer, Ali Thabet, the idea for Sutra became a reality when he spent three months with the monks in China. This inspired the contemporary dance performance which incorporated kung fu.  

If this didn’t sound bizarre enough lets now throw on a collection of wooden blocks. These were the main props in the show and were used in every possible means. They sat in them, under them, climbed on them, fell dominoes style while stood inside. It was incredibly impressive.
I wouldn’t be surprised if I have sat there the whole night with my mouth open!

There was such a variety in their movement too. Some points the Kung Fu was more dominant and their moves were sharp and strong. Other times it was more gentle and serene. Without a doubt the circus skills adapted into the show were sensational! The gasps just echoed around the room!
In the Post Show Q&A we were told that at times the cast played according to the music and other times the musicians played to fit in with the cast. Such discipline is just incredible!

I have to just give a special mention to the little 9 year old monk in the show. Other than just being all round adorable he was an incredible performer. Such insane skills for a child his age!

Sadly the show is only in Birmingham until tomorrow night but as the show has been touring for five years now, it would be worth checking out to see when it is coming to you!

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