Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Russell Brand - The Messiah Complex

You know when you've built something up in your head so much that you are sure the reality simply couldn't compare? Well this is how I felt after finally seeing Russell Brand on stage after a long on going fan girl crush. 

This was one of those rare occasions where you build something up in your head so much, but the reality is far far better.

Mr Gee was an excellent choice of warm up act I thought. His combination of comedy and poetry was really entertaining. I definitely felt warmed up by the time he was finished. I would definitely recommend everyone to check him out.  

The Messiah Complex is a condition where a person may believe that he is God. Brand looks at his idols Ghandi, Che Guevara, Malcolm X and Jesus Christ. He Explores what is about these men that have made them so great and their image so memorable but reminds everyone that even these men had their flaws. Is it right that these figures have been repackaged to encourage commercialism? 

Brand tackles all these issues so tastefully but that isn't to say that his normal cheeky personality doesn't shine through. He's such a joy to watch whether he is striding around on stage or meandering his way through his loving fan based audience. The laughter just rolled on and on from start to end and I'm not ashamed to say I may have been one of the loudest. 

Brand combines current affairs with ingenious wit and let's not forget, sex!  

Russell Brand is taking his latest stand up tour, The Messiah Complex, worldwide and fortunately enough he will be returning to Birmingham this April! 

CLICK HERE to buy your tickets!

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