Wednesday, 15 May 2013

What a Swell Party this is ... High Society 14th - 18th May

Remember that old film starring Big Crosby, Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra?


Well High Society is about an heiress, Tracy Lord (Sophie Bould), who on the day before her wedding finds herself caught between her feelings for her fiancée (Keiron Crook), her ex – husband (Michael Praed) and now finds she also attracted to another man (Daniel Boys (or Matt Corner, the understudy who I saw)).

Sophie Bould played her character was the same kind of class that can only usually be found in the old classic musical films. She managed to go from her pedestal of perfection to a giggly, tipsy, mischievous girl slickly. You simply had to love her.

Of course what is a wedding without a bit of drama? Enter on stage the ex-husband, Dexter played by  Michael Praed. He was effortlessly witty and his dynamic with Tracy makes you wonder how they ever divorced.

Matt Corner was playing Mike Conor, a reporter from Spy magazine, who has come along with his partner Liz Imbrie (Alex Young) to see how the high society lives. He was just so sweet and so naïve that it was no wonder he catches the eyes of the girls.

Liz Imbrie’s voice is absolutely stunning she brings a special charm to her role.

Katie Lee who played little sister Dianah really stuck with me for ages after I had left the theatre. She is so young but she is just so talented!

For those of you who know this musical you’ll know the big show hits such as True Love, Well, Did You Evah! And You’re Sensational. I suggest you go and see this show as it brings old songs and new talent together.

As for the rest of you, go and see it and understand just what a swell party it is!

Check out the trailer!

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