Friday, 11 July 2014

Wicked - Flying into Birmingham 9th July - 6th Sept

Based on Gregory Maguire's first adult novel  Wicked, the show with the same name has flown into the Birmingham Hippodrome for the summer. This feel good show provides a whole range of emotions from curtain up to curtain down with a multitude of fantastic songs by musical genius Stephen Schwartz such as Popular, One Short Day, Defying Gravity and For Good. 

Normally played by Niki Davis- Jones (recently announced to be playing Elphaba at London's Apollo
Victoria) in this performance Elphaba was played by Jemma Alexander who made a fantastic Elphaba. Although at times her voice could have been better suited for Glinda, when she belted she simply blew the audience away.  

Emily Tierney played the ditzy but good-hearted G(a)linda. She sang each of her songs beautifully and gracefully showed the transition of Galinda the selfish, shallow and ditzy Queen B, perfectly shown through the song Popular, to the sweet, caring, Glinda the Good who's moral compass truly shines through the song For Good. 

The air-headed Fiyero played by Liam Doyle chooses dancing through life until something more wickedly wonderful comes along. The perfect romantic,chivalrous, hero with the fantastic voice and the greatest dancer. 

Marilyn Cutts played Shiz headteacher Madame Morrible and there seems no coincidence that her name is only one letter off 'Horrible'. A perfectly executed character the audience love to hate. The Wizard played by Dale Rapley is not as wonderful as we are made to believe in The Wizard of Oz. Although the wizard may not be so wonderful Rapley most definitely is. Rapley also played Dr Dillamond, the last Animal on the shiz faculty. 

Nessarose is Elphaba's 'tragically beautiful' younger sister and played by Carina Gillespie. Probably better known the Wizard of Oz fans as the Wicked witch of the East, there is more to her than meets the eye. Beautiful, sweet and innocent. Nessa is in love with Boq played by, George Ure, a munchkin desperate for the attention of Galinda. Both characters are victims of circumstance and the skillful actors effortlessly show the changes that overcome their student life innocence. 

The Ensemble and Swing are perfect accompaniments to this production and each and everyone brings something special to this show. 

The costumes for this show designed by, Susan Hilferty are some of the most beautiful, extravagant, glitzy costumes in theatre!

One of my favourite shows! Thank you for such an amazing year Birmingham Hippodrome! Perfect end to the perfect year!

Check out the trailer here!

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