Saturday, 26 October 2013

Birmingham Hippodrome Illuminates 25th- 27th October

As much as I love sitting in a warm, comfortable theatre auditorium, surrounded by the excited buzz of the surrounding audience. It is such a treat, every now and again to wrap up warm, stand outside and explore the city through the alternative variety of entertainment that illuminates the charms of this city. 

Not to mention, as a student the word FREE is highly appealing...

Click here  to see the schedule 

Last Night I started my night at The Laterns of Terracotta Warriors Exhibition. This exhibition can be found in the Gallan Car Park on Hurst Street (You can just follow the arrows). As the sky outside became darker and darker, the impressive lantern statues of the warriors glowed brighter and brighter.  

Lantern art is a traditional art form in China and takes a lot of careful and delicate work to get the details just right. Xia Nan is the creator of this lantern army and make sure you go up close to each of these warriors to appreciate the intricate details of the facial expressions. 

This exhibition was originally created for the Beijing Olympics in 2008. 

Our next stop was Body in Motion 360° Panoramic Cinema Experience. Based in the Arcadian, enter this dome shaped tent and sit yourself on the floor. Don't get to comfortable because you'll find your self spinning around to follow the story that unfolds all he way around you. This is most certainly suitable for the whole family. I was just as enthusiastically wriggling around on the floor as any of the other children. 

Finally we ended our night outside the Hippodrome watching, Flaming Oz, This is a dance duo with a fiery twist. Despite the rain that decided that to drizzle down at the moment is began, the ooing and ahhing of the audience showed just how excitable the audience were and all for a good reason too. 

I'm heading back over there tonight for a second dose. 

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