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Evita 8th April - 19th April

Evita is one of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice's classic musicals. It tells the abbreviated story of Eva Peron, the first lady of Argentina from 1946 until her death in 1952. Even for those unfamiliar with this show songs such as; Oh What A Circus, Buenos Aires, Another Suitcase in Another Hall and of course Don't Cry For Me Argentina are sure to ring a bell.

Che was played by Wet, Wet, Wet lead singer Marti Pellow who seems to represent the voices of the Argentinians and at some points even appears to play Eva's conscience. Eva (Madalena Albero) is a poor aspiring actress who moves to Buenos Aires to show off her 'star quality'. Here she meets Argentinian politician Juan Domingo Peron (Mark Heenehan) and through her determination and need to be loved by the masses she campaigns for him to become president.  

 Madalena Alberto's Eva was incredible. Starting as the sassy teenager who is after the glitz and glamour of Buenos Aires to acting the saint to the poor of Argentina when she addresses them in a glittering white dress singing 'Don't Cry for Me Argentina'. Even in Eva's last moments in hospital her version of 'You Must Love Me' is so beautifully sung and really exposes the real Eva. 

Marti Pellow's Che is a bit difficult to follow. Although he played a strong and completely believable voice of the Argentinians (if that indeed was the intention) who Che is actually meant to be was quite unclear as he is quite critical of Eva. At some points it is hard to understand some of the lyrics as he strides around the stage. 

Mark Heeneham's voice is perfect for playing the president as it demands authoritative attention and it most certainly has it. Sarah McNicholas plays the Mistress and presents a phenomenal take on 'Another Suitcase in Another Hall'. Nic Gibney's Magaldi is certainly entertaining and completely captivating. 

The choreography was absolutely flawless with just the right amount of Latin America flare, often completely stealing the show. 

Without a doubt the show was sensational but it would be worth knowing a little bit about the Perons and Argentina during their time before going to see it. 

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Cast: Marti Pellow, Madalen Alberto, Mark Heenehan, Sarah McNicholas, Nic Gibney, Michelle Pentecost (as Eva in some performances), Ensemble: David Brewis, Verity Burgess, Errol Clayton, Joel Elferink, Callum Fitzgerald, Alyn Hawke, Ryan Limb, Joe McCourt, Anna McGarahan, Stuart Maciver, Ceili O'Connor, Lizzie Ottley, Olive Robinson, Chris Stoddart and the children from stagecoach Solihull and Sutton Coldfield.  

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