Monday, 26 May 2014

Breakin Convention

Dance Consortium returns once again to the Hippdrome with a Hip Hop festival,celebrating both local and international groups. As soon as we entered we were greeted with an array of talents from the smallest and youngest, who looked all sweet and innocent until they hit the dance floor, to the older dancers who left our jaws dropped open wide, and then we went into the auditorium…
Hosts Pilgrim and Footloose wandered between floors where Hippodrome had become homage to hip hop. Level One saw DJs JamFu and Khan Fu playing the best of b-boy breaks, funk and hip hop accompanied by any dancer who was brave enough to strut their stuff in front of an eager audience.
Level 2 was hosted by Red Beard and was a ground for any budding DJ or MC to show their talents but of course also performances from the professionals.
On Level 3 you would find the hip hop market place selling customised hats by Flake as well as local hip hop clothing, records, retailers and various other offers. Shop while accompanied with the music of DJ Silence.
The rowdiness in the auditorium showed a sense of community between the performers and the audience.
Between each performance the two hosts Jonzi D and Madflow kept the audience entertained and spirits high.

Dance Nuvo took their inspiration from the film Sliding Doors, which shows the effects of every decision we make in life and how they affect our overall direction. A Midlands based group providing a range of opportunities for anyone with a passion for street dance. This young troop provided an entertaining and thought- provoking performance.

Jigsaw, a duo whose performance told the story of a break up. The Birmingham based twosome told a great narrative through their dance.
In true spirit of Breakin convention, B-Girl Terra & Eddie feat Soul Mavericks showed audiences through their name sake that within every soul there is a maverick side that does not feel the need to conform to cultural and social expectations. Each member highlights their individuality through their dance. The B-Girls Terra and Eddie both shocked audiences with such big talent coming out of such small people.
NuProjeks, gave insight to the mind of an individual through an ordinary day. The company trains young people to develop their talents and clearly they have been doing a great job at it.
ILL-Abilities combines the talents of five men from the USA, Canada, Holland and Chile who each overcame their disabilities to pursue their passions. A truly inspiring piece called No Excuses, No Limits shows audiences that there is nothing to stop them from achieving their dreams.
Ukweli Roach opened the second half. Their narrative told of the inner struggles of addiction and follows one man's conflicts with himself. Can he overcome his addictions to be the man he wants to be?
Wanted Posse ended the night with a very current topic. They show a time of revolution and through their gang, each was able to show their individuality. Indeed the perfect end to a perfect night.
Catch Breakin Convention on their tour!

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