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One Man Two Guvnors 26th May - 31st May

Probably the definition of a feelgood show, One Man Two Guvnors based on The Servant of Two Masters by Carlo Goldoni. Is bound to have audiences in fits of laughter night after night. 

Francis Henshall, who has been fired from his skiffle band, becomes minder to a man who is recently believed to be dead, Roscoe Crabbe. 'Roscoe' is really his twin sister Rachel who is undercover as her boyfriend Stanley Stubbers is Roscoe's murderer. Lead by his appetite Henshall takes on a second guvnor, Stanley Stubbers but he can not let either of his two guvnors know that he is one man with two guvnors. Piece of cake obviously...   

Lead by Gavin Spokes as Francis Henshall, the cast effortlessly keep the laughter rolling from start to finish. Spokes does in incredible job keeping the audience entertained through both physical comedy and apparent ad-libbing. He forms a special bond with audiences, not one you are likely to forget. 

Henshall has his eyes on Dolly, secretary to the father of Roscoe's betrothed (until he died of course) played remarkably by Emma Barton. She's a saucy northerner with a high beehive and high heels who knows exactly what she wants. 

Alicia Davies as Rachel Crabbe and Patrick Warner as Stanley Stubbers each provide a surprising yet impressive toughness to the show. Davies who is disguised as Roscoe for most of the play easily intimidates Charlie Clench (who would have been Roscoe's future father in law). Warner who gives the impression of a upper class, boarding school taught  kind of man who does not seem capable of harming a fly is in fact a murderer. 

Roscoe's future wife, Pauline Clench played by Jasmyn Banks, is a ditzy blonde who does not seemt o understand what it happening most of the play. She is in love with Alan, played by Edward Hancock, A wannabe actor who is melodramatic over everything that happens and anything he says.  Of course this bizarre pairing had the audience head over heels easily. 

Every character has their own charm and their own way of keeping the audience laughing from the not too bright Charlie 'the Duck' Clench played by Shaun Williamson, Alan's lawyer father, Harry Dangle, David Verrey to Alfie the old man who has bad luck and is very accident prone, played by  Michael Dylan and his waiter companion Gareth, played by Elliot Harper. 

The Craze provides the a perfect accompaniment to the show. If you don't feel like you're in the sixties when you walk in, their music will whiz you back in time no problem. 

Between the charming cast, farcical humor and fantastic music this is most definitely not one to be missed.

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