Monday, 10 November 2014

Forbidden Broadway comes to London

I'd like to start with a note to the cast of Forbidden Broadway...

Just so you all know I took note of your 'everyone's a critic' song but, here is another blog with another opinion on your show! 

Forbidden Broadway takes some of the best West End shows and oh so wittily give them a new exposé. Musical theatre lovers everywhere can laugh at the revolving cast of Les Misérables and Laura Tebbutt's hillarious take on 'On My Phone'. You can chuckle at the Phantom's smoking performance and giggle through the slighty clutzy Jersey Boys

What makes it so brilliant is how they pick out the flaws of these shows and use them to accentuate the show' popularity. They provide insight into the life of an exploited child actor such as those who play Matilda, Billy Elliot or Gavroche and how they reach retirement aged ten. The use of props is absolutely magnificent, especially the well-known helicopter from Miss Saigon and the glass elevator from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Not forgetting Disney, the cast of The Lion King sing about the perils of their costume in 'Can you feel the sprain tonight'. I am sure that the cast of Once could not make their audiences laugh as much as the Forbidden Broadway version did. 

No show is safe when Forbidden Broadway comes to town, neither is any star of the stage. Ben Lewis 'engineers' Cameron Mackintosh in the Miss Saigon re-write 'The Americans Cream' Christina Bianco does a spot on impression of chirpy Kristin Chenoweth and a fabulous impersonation of the 'Wickedly Talented' Adel Dazeem (or as she is better known Idina Menzel). Bianco does the most impeccable Elaine Paige, right down to her iconic laugh, that prove that imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery. Damian Humbley and Ben Lewis explain behind the thought process the popular show The Book of Mormon as comedy duo Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Hugh Jackman makes his appearance and the cast remind audiences how no one can resist a big name of stage such as Robert Lindsey, who is currently part of the cast of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

Admittedly a show like this is more suited to a smaller audience niche. Even if there was the odd show I hadn’t seen, I still found myself laughing from start to finish.

Check out the trailer!

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