Saturday, 11 April 2015


Most people are familiar with Roald Dahl's famous book about a little girl who proves that sometimes children understand right and wrong better than adults. The loveable bookworm hit the West End in 2011 after a great run in Stratford Upon Avon. 

Tim Minchin is the genius mind behind the music in this wonderful musical. Every song is very memorable and you'll find yourself bursting into many of these fantastic songs for months after you see the show. Indeed the whole cast from the youngest to the oldest, should make Mr Minchin proud as they perform each song with the justice it deserves. 

Every catchy song should come with some spectacular choreography and this show is no different. The salsa sensation, Loud is one of the absolute highlights for dancing in this show. Mrs Wormwood (Kay Murphy) and her dance partner,  Rudolpho (Jason Winter) perform a salsa routine that will have you on the edge of your seat. Another song worth a mention for it's unbelievably impressive choreography is, School Song - without giving too much away, the way in which they incorporate the props into this dance is just beyond words (and I'm aware that as a journalist, I should always have the 'words').

There are many tricks and surprises throughout the show in order to keep some of the book/film's most iconic scenes, Bruce (Arthur Yamaguchi) demolishes the chocolate cake before your very eyes, Amanda (Havana Garcia) is flung by her pigtails by the evil Miss Trunchbull (Will Kenning) and Matilda (Matilda Shapland) knocks over the newt infested water onto her horrible headmistress. 

In a modern re-telling of this classic story, everything is as it should be. The Wormwoods are still a hilarious family, Miss Trunchbull is still rather frightening and Matilda is still lovable. 

The cast are all incredible but a special mention for all the children who completely steal the show. 

Matilda is booking until May 2015 so hurry on down to the Cambridge Theatre

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