Saturday, 11 April 2015

Shooting with Light - New Diorama

Shooting With Light is a fantastic new play devised, written and directed by the small cast. The story tells of the life of a photographer journalist, Gerda Taro who's bravery and determination to report the truths of the war brought her short career to a sudden end. Although this is based on a true story - not all the events performed are completely true to her story. For a show that looks to praise this amazing woman, it doesn't seem to focus on her story as much as some of the other characters in the play. 

Every step in the performance has been carefully and intricately planned to create some very artistic movement. The young lovers explore a roll of film together in some very intimate choreography around each other which beautifully portrays their growing love for each other as well as for photography. They move at different speeds as if to signify the movement of time in their narrative and incorporate set changes in their movement wonderfully. 

Even the simple backdrop is really impressive as just one screen changes from a block of flats, a grassy patch for the couple to lay down on and also a screen for the photographer's photos. It is fascinating to be able to see the actual photos taken my Gerda and her partner Andre/Bob. Even today with these photos, we can really understand just how awful the Spanish Civil War and the rise of fascism in Europe really were. 

The small cast are fantastic and although they seem quite young are perfectly capable of capturing the emotion of this tragic story. Each actor doubles up as a past and present character and this creates a rather remarkable performance. Especially in the last few minutes of the show when the audience are quickly taken through the entire story and brought right back to the present. 

Gerda Taro changed photography and her story is fascinating. In a day where we can't go a moment without taking a 'selfie' or sending a snapchat - her story is only a beginning for way we can easily change the world with one click. 

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